Jon T. Howard North Atlantic Gyre Blog #23

I spent last night’s shift completely layered up with fleece and covered with my foul weather gear from head to toe. We were using the engine to push north due to the winds being so unfavorable. The winds were 20-30 knots from the north creating conditions that forced us to head directly into the swells. The Sea Dragon usually rocks side to side but we spent 12 hours through the night consistently rocking forward to back which caused quite a few of the crew to get sick. The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days and it was a cold crisp night for stargazing. Waves breaking over the bow provided a constant spray of salty sea water that you never quite get used to. Staying warm and dry are the keys because even though the conditions were pretty poor I really enjoyed being up on deck. The first mate, John Wright, and I had a constellation chart we used to pass the hours while we pounded through the night. It is a very exile rating feeling unlike anything I have ever experienced. We have definitely changed course and will not be able to get to the main section of the gyre we were heading to due to the approaching weather towards Bermuda. Our captain Clive Cosby made the decision late yesterday for the safety of us all and they have decided to trawl that area once they leave Bermuda heading towards the Azores. Other than that, everyone is already making plans for an iced cold beer and some French fries once we hit land…

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