Jon T. Howard North Atlantic Gyre Blog #25

We reached landfall at approximately 8:30 am on 1/17/2010... It was a beautiful serene sunrise with very calm conditions as the Sea Dragon cruised into the port of Bermunda. After 9 days out in the North Atlantic Ocean it was great to step off the boat and feel the ground again though I must admit I really always felt extremely comfortable on the boat regardless of conditions. We were allowed to go take a walk around the town of St. George to grab some breakfast and coffee but expected to be back to the Sea Dragon to do a complete cleaning of the boat. Sightseeing would have to wait until later. It is amazing how dirty it got but with 9 people living in very tight quarters for the last 12 it was hardly shocking. Everyone was assigned a cleaning duty and off we went like bees to get it all done. I was in charge of wiping all white surfaces and rinsing the deck after we all scrubbed it with soap and brushes. The great thing about our captain Clive Cosby is since he completed the world's toughest yaht race, the around the world Global Challenge in 2004, he has been a team builder and trainer for corporations and companies so he really focuses on us working together to make the boat run smooth. Everyone had to pull their weight no matter what which is best considering all the conditions you encounter out at sea. After we finished cleaning we all dispersed for some R&R and to find some French Fries and cold beers...

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