Jon T. Howard - North Atlantic Gyre Blog #19

My day began at 5:45 am and our first task of the day was to put out the trawls for another round of gathering debris and marine samples. It was an amazing sunrise and the beginning of a beautiful clear warm day. During my 6-12 shift we pulled in our first large piece of plastic floating in the middle of the ocean. I was on watch at the front of the ship and spotted 5 other smaller nylon ropes and colored plastics floating by as we made our way north towards Bermuda. After lunch I rested and did some reading while the A watch took over helping Anna and Marcus with their research. Late in the afternoon the swells and winds were small enough for us to stop the Sea Dragon and go for our first swim. I pulled out the gear Body Glove ( had provided for the trip and jumped in off the deck. The water felt so good and was perfect to swim in. I snapped off a few pictures of everyone swimming and got a picture of the EcoUsable ( logo on the side of the Sea Dragon. What an awesome treat it was and everyone including the captain went for a dip. The water is such a deep blue and with my goggles I studied the complete underbelly of the ship. It was an amazing feeling to be swimming in the middle of the open ocean surrounded by nothing but blue. You feel very very small in the big scheme of things and no one wanted to drift to far from the Sea Dragon..

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