On permanent repeat for me all this past week, the aptly titled Time for Something New by Jon T. Howard is an album I believe Johnny Cash might have loved if he were still alive. Everything Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp still wish they had in 'em, this talented, Austin, Tex.-based, wrong-side-of-the- tracks seed is akin to a poetic spiritual stepchild of Mark Lanegan, Bruce Cockburn, John Trudell and Tom T. Hall. One cover closes out the set, a spot-on sweet caress through the classic chestnut "What a Wonderful World." And if you don't like that song, you ain't got a heart. Interested? Look for it on the Mettafour/Kindred Rhythm imprint…..” - John M. James

— CityBeat Cincinnati

His album is aptly titled Time For Something New, because it does, indeed, have a fresh sound. The softly crunchy production of this single and lead-off track is an audio delight. About midway through, he double-tracks his vocal for an extra ear-catching effect. If country doesn’t embrace this, Americana programmers surely will.” - Robert K. Obermann

— Music Row/Billboard Magazine

Howard paints pictures in his tales of America’s soft white underbelly populated by dreamers & schemers. He illuminates his songs with intimate details and his melodies combine bluesy changes with a rustic alt. country flavor similar to the music of Steve Earle & Lucinda Williams.”

— Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Howard is a streetsmart troubadour spins tales of love and loss”” - Jim Clark

— The Courier – Tupelo, MS

With his introspective songs and husky voice, Howard’s a thoughtful troubadour who has many sad tales to tell. His songs don’t always have happy endings, but that is part of his charm and appeal. He crafts them with lyrics to document heartbreak, conflict, trouble and turmoil.” - Joe Ross

— Joe Ross

Album storms with aching vocals and crosscutting riffs” - John Shelton

— Country Sound Roundup/Top 21

Soulful/ Political -- good stuff!” - Gregg McVicar

— Host/UnderCurrents/NV1

“ Laidback and Heartfelt””

— Easy Rider Magazine

“Rootsy melodic pop-rock a la Tom Petty, The Eagles and Dires Straits””

— Easy Reader Magazine

“Jon is an acoustic guitar/harmonica style Folk balladeer with a wistful vibe””

— Shadowband