1. Fine Line

From the recording Fine Line


Fine Line

I finally took a step in the right direction
Maybe I just did it the wrong way
You say you still feel our old connection
But you know there’s been a changed

Baby it’s a fine line between love and heartache
Between the black and white
There’s a whole lot of gray
Sometimes life gets in the way
And baby we know that too well
Yeah baby we know that so well

These days you say you don’t know who I am
But baby I have never been so sure
You see I just want to be my own man
And I know sometimes that hurts


When all the tears of joy turn to pain
And wash all the hope away
All that there was is never the same
It’s always broken once it breaks


Now we’ve come to a moment of truth
Where all great decisions are made
You keep saying baby please don’t let go
But I can’t see it another way