From the recording Heartbreak Town


Heartbreak Town

All the best players have day jobs now
Or they're doing top forty corporate gigs
Making Casey Kasem proud
They paid their dues in full
Living hand to mouth
They paved the boulevard with their souls
But they never really found their own sound

This is heartbreak town, This is heartbreak town
Take a good look around, This is heartbreak town

Between the glitter and the piss
That's where most dreams get drowned
It's all about the money man, that's all it's ever been about
It's a whole new world of idols and dirty shakedowns
They’re killing the art of the songs
It's all manufactured cash cows

Down at the bus station another westward Greyhound
Is pulling in with a dreamer and a guitar ready to wear the crown
I lost a few friends along the way buried them in the ground
My reality check bounced the other day
Even MTV has sold out