From the recording Saints Build Bridges


Saints Build Bridges

Well I’m standing on the platform waiting for the morning train
Dressed in my best suit holding onto my briefcase
I look at the strangers I see everyday
And I ask myself this question
I wonder if they feel
The same way I feel now
Like just another face in the crowd…. Of life

So step onto that morning train
That takes me to the city
The same way everyday
And I sit next to a woman
I’ve seen a hundred times
But I don’t know her name
And she doesn’t know mine

So I say hello and she frowns
Says all she needs to say without a sound

While saints build bridges between God and man
We tear them down just as fast as we can
Just as fast as we can

Well I’m walking up Broadway to see the Gates in Central Park
February feels so cold as the days head into March
As I wade through the humanity that comes at me in waves
I feel the disconnection this world resonates

So I stop at 51st and look around
And in the moment I nearly drown


In our empires of concrete, steel and glass
We wage our wars and forsake each other like we always have