1. Blood Brothers

From the recording Blood Brothers

I wrote this song for the original play "The Tree House" that my son Christopher is acting in. It debuted April 13, 2007 in Hermosa Beach at the 2nd Story Theatre.


Blood Brothers

Life will take us places
Only time knows
Moments fill the spaces
That makes the journey all our own

Across the miles and through the years
Long after these days are gone
The memories of our youth
Will be a flame that burns on and on

And we’ll be blood brothers
Now and forever
We’ll be blood brothers
Always be brothers in blood

Writers fill the pages
Of songs, novels, and poems
Trying to capture the essence of
The lives we’ve lived and honed

The road ahead may be winding
There’s always new places to go
All the friendships we build along the way
Are the bridges connecting our souls


Just like the names and initials we carved
In the tree house we built in the back yard
We will always be etched
Deep in each other’s hearts


Brothers & Sisters In Blood
Sisters & Brothers In Blood